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we care for you and the environment

We are an authorised waste management service provider and render quality and reliable services in all Tshwane regions.  We aim for, cherish and build good long-lasting business relationships with our customers!

We care for you and the environment by collecting, transporting, sorting, recycling and disposing of waste in a trustworthy and responsible manner.  240L Bins are provided and collected on a weekly or daily basis.

Free of charge recycling wherever we collect waste!

We are doing our part to protect the environment for present and future generations through recycling and submit our monthly stats to both Tshwane and GDARD.

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Together we can make a difference!

We Comply

We give you peace of mind by adhering and complying to all rules and regulations.  Herewith some –

  • We are an authorized waste management service provider and do have a Tshwane permit as required by Tshwane Waste’s bylaw Chapter 10-32 (2): “A person or other legal entity must not, within the area of jurisdiction of the Municipality, operate or conduct a service for the removal of any type of waste contemplated in Chapters 2-5 from premises, irrespective of whether such service is rendered for payment or not, unless such natural person or other legal entity is permitted in writing as an authorized service provider by the Waste Management Officer of the Municipality”; and

  • We supply the right colour (blue & green) bins to our customers.  Tshwane’s bylaw stipulates in Schedule 1 (6): “No other service provider shall have the same colour (black) containers as used by the Municipality.”

How we work

We service Residential and Commercial premises such as – Complexes, Estates, Retirement Villages, Office Parks, Conference Centre’s and Fast Food facilities.

We collect domestic, general, garden and recyclable waste.

Blue bins are provided for daily and weekly waste collections and green bins for garden waste.  240L bins are supplied and maintained free of charge.  A good value for money monthly tariff is charged for services we render and do our customers complete a business agreement for this.  Marking of our bins, recycling and bin liners are optional.  Liners for bins are of cause a sustainable solution to save our most precious resource – water!

Collections takes place on a specific day as scheduled for weekly removals and do we empty bins even on holidays.  Daily bins are emptied Monday’s to Friday’s.  We do arrange for an alternative lifting day on Christmas and New Year’s.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q - Do you remain on the same lifting day and what about holidays, Christmas and New Year’s?

A – Yes, we remain on the same lifting day right through the year and collect waste even on holidays.  We pre-arrange for alternative lifting days in that  same weeks to accommodate Christmas – and New Year’s Day collections.

Q - Do we need to buy or pay for dustbins for your services to be rendered?

A – No, we supply and maintain the 240L bins to our customers free of charge.  The bins remain our property and do we have to charge a replacement cost should a bin be damaged due to negligence.

Q - Can we choose a collection day and time?

A – We do our best to accommodate our customers’ requests for a specific lifting day and if possible, to be slotted in with Operations load for that day.  No time of collection can be promised due to numerous factors that plays a role.

Q - How can we go about to cancel Tshwane municipality’s waste removal services?
A – Kindly contact us for the latest in this regard.
Q - Are you interested in recyclables from premises you do not service?

A – Yes.  It all depends on the quantity.  Kindly contact us telephonically or via the Contact Form to discuss this further.



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